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This listing form is for events available to the public.
To add a listing for practitioners only, please log into the portal. Any practicing herbalist in UK and Ireland can register and gain access to the Herbal Alliance Members’ portal.

How to add events

  1. This site lists herbal events that would be of interest to the public. For practitioner only events, please join or login to the members’ portal if you are posting as a UK or Ireland herbalist.
  2. If you wish to post an event to the practitioner only section and you are not a UK or Ireland herbalist, then please contact us.
  3. Any herbalist or related organisation can add events where the subject is about herbal practice, herbal medicine. Listings for product launches or purely commercial events may not be approved.
  4.  Events can be in person or online.
  5.  Event listings look better when an image is uploaded as the event banner. You can usually copy an image from a website by right clicking and choosing “save picture as”.
  6. Complete the form below to post an event Publicly, filling in as much detail as possible
  7. To be able to edit events, please make sure you are logged in from the Member’s Portal then use the form below.
  8. Non Members can use the form below, but you will not be able to edit the event once posted.
  9. Upon submission, your event will be pending for approval by a moderator. Please allow for 7 days for approval.
  10. The currency set on the system is £. We can change this if necessary, please indicate it on the event or contact us using the contact form.

Troubleshooting Note

If you are having problems adding an event, submit the event as best you can and then use the contact page to say what it should be.

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