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Who Are We Treating Anyway? Using the Humoral Constitutions in Herbal Medicine

February 4 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Steve Taylor will be leading a workshop to share the missing link in the Western medical tradition- understanding energetics through the humoral constitution.

Our constitution determines how we function best in the world, and also shows how we are most likely to lose our balance.

Thus by gaining an understanding of our patient’s particular constitution we have a unique opportunity to see beyond their symptoms and to get to the core of their ill health.

This way of recognising natural patterns in people is central to all traditional systems of medicine such as the doshas in Ayurveda.

In Humoral medicine these patterns are identified by assigning one of the four main constitutions- sanguine, phlegmatic, bilious or melancholic, or one of the eight combined to constitutions each person.

Identifying an individual’s dominant humour and constitution is seen as an essential first step in Galenic diagnosis, and informs the approach needed to return the patient to a balanced temperament and restore “good humour”.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What the main attributes of each humoral temperament are
  • How you can use tongue and pulse diagnosis to identify someone’s constitution
  • How the constitutional patterns manifest in patients
  • What herbal and lifestlye treatment strategies you can use to address each humoral imbalance

Steve will be using case studies and examples so that you can recognise the humoral imbalances and take an individualised approach to restoring health and wellbeing.

About Steve:

Steve Taylor has been a practicing western herbalist for over twenty five years, having originally trained at the College of Phytotherapy, he has gone on to study traditional medicine in Africa, has been initiated as traditional healer and diviner in Africa, has trained in 5 element diagnosis, and has worked in ethnobotanical research. In his clinical work he has focused on re-integrating Galenic medicine into modern western herbalism. He is the author of “The Humoral Herbal” published in 2021. He is a herbal tutor with Heartwood education, and a frequent lecturer at herbal conferences. He runs a successful herbal medicine practice in Sussex where he continues to treat patients, teach, undertake research, and grow herbs to produce herbal medicines.

You can save your spot with early-bird rate here.


February 4
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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College of Naturopathic Medicine
College of Naturopathic Medicine, 25 Percy Circus
London, WC1X 9EU United Kingdom
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