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Joining the Herbal Alliance Member’s Portal

The Herbal Alliance is a community of herbal organisations and herbalists with a shared aim of promoting and supporting herbal medicine and qualified herbalists.

To keep up with professional standards, we have to screen each application upon submission. Application approval time can take up to 14 days as our team are working on a voluntary basis. In some cases it can take a little longer.

To help us speed up the approval process, please read and follow the instructions on this page.

Who Can Join?

You are a Registered Herbalist belonging to a Professional Association from the UK or Ireland as listed on the About Us page.


You are a Student Herbalist of an approved practitionner course in the UK or Ireland. This does not include students of foundation courses or qualifications less than 3 to 4 years long.


You are a Qualified Herbalist who has qualified in an approved course and has a practise in the UK or Ireland.

What Do I Need?


If you belong to a Professional Association, please select which one you belong to on the application form and enter your Member Registration Number or Identifier.

To speed up approval process, please make sure you upload a photo or a copy of your membership certificate.


If you are a student herbalist, you can join too!

However, you must be on an approved course which will train you to become a fully qualified professional practitionner. These courses usually fit the requirements of a particular professional association and will take more than 3 to 4 years long to graduate. We do not currently have a list of approved courses, but we will get in touch if necessary if we need more information off you.

You are required to upload a screenshot or a pdf of your course admission approval letter or document for approval. 


If you are a student of a foundation course or any smaller courses on herbs, we will unfortunately not be able to approve your membership. The Herbal Alliance Community Portal is a network for Professionally Qualified Herbalists.


Please get in touch with us using the contact form if you do not belong to a Professional Association.

We will need to get some extra details off you as the portal is intended for working or retired qualified herbalist practitionners.

We are not a Professional Association, therefore we will need more information to approve an unregistered herbalist as member. Professional Associations have certain requirements for their members to have insurrance, CPD points and more which is why we can approve such members almost immediately.

To sign up without being registered, please contact us with your interest here.

Please note: Your application may take a little longer than registered members as we will need to process your application in more depth.

We will work together collaboratively

We thrive on diversity & inclusion

We are adaptive to change

We will actively listen and learn

And we are looking forward to evolve together