Find other local herbalists and get together

Are you a qualified herbalist? Why don’t you join the community?

Here are some tools to help you organise a local meeting

As herbalists, we often work by ourselves and it is sometimes easy to become isolated and feel unsupported. National herbal events can go only so far in providing the sort of support that we need. Many regions already have active local herbal practitioner groups that provide a variety of services. If there isn’t already a group near to you, then why not consider setting up a local group and meeting up with other herbal practitioners in the area.

Meeting up with other herbalists also helps further develop your own knowledge and experience, and as such most professional associations allow meetings of this type to be counted towards your continuing professional development requirements. It is also a very sociable and low-cost way of creating a local support network and making new herbal friends.

  1. Have a chat to any other herbalists you know locally to see if there is interest in meeting up.
  2. To find out who else is in your area, look at the directories on the professional association sites – see below for details
  3. Decide what you would like to meet up about. This could be peer support, discussing case studies, joint marketing, public events, walks or workshops.
  4. Think about what area you will cover and also if you want to invite local herbalists from all herbal traditions, or just those working within your own tradition
  5. Decide if you want to host a meet up in yours or another practitioner’s home, or meet in a cafe or hired room somewhere. It could even be a walk.
  6. Making some simple refreshments available at your meeting is often a good incentive for people to come along. Guests can be invited to bring some food to share with the group.

We will work together collaboratively

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